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Monday, August 20, 2012

Small Victories, Big Triumphs

Tonight was Training Run #1 of the fall season. I did 3/5 of my miles from all of last week in one run and I have much more left to go this week. Tonights run was hard. I didn't wait long enough after I ate dinner, so I kept cramping in my side. My ankle was tight again. I couldn't find my stride if my life depended on it and I kept catching myself scrunching up my shoulders. Part of it was just luck of the draw. Tonight just so happen to be a bad night. It happens sometimes. But the other part of the equation is that I have been dreading this. Honestly, I have been dreading the very first training run, not because running 3 miles is hard, but because running 13.1 miles is. I know what is out there waiting for me. 10 mile runs, 12 miles runs, sore knees, sore ankles, swollen fingers, and RTs. Why do I keep doing this to myself?! : ) It can be so intimidating looking ahead at what's in store for me.

However, tonight also reminded me of a little lesson that I had forgotten since my last half-marathon: Sometimes it's the little victories that lead you to the big triumphs. Training is just that training. I'm going to have steps forward, steps back, steps sideways, and maybe even some do-si-does. It's all the little victories that are going to get me across that finish line (aka My Big Triumph). Running to that pole halfway down the track, running a half a mile without stopping, running 2 miles without stopping, running 8 miles without puking, running 12 miles period.  :) I am never going to crank out 6 minute miles and I'm okay with that. I'm never going to be an Olympic marathon runner, but that doesn't stop me from standing on the ottoman while wearing my kid's baseball gold medallion with my hand over my heart while singing the National Anthem. Wait...I don't really do that. Nor do I sing in the shower and pretend that my shampoo bottle is a grammy. Really, I don't. ; )

Soooo... right now I may be having trouble finding my stride, but just making it a half-mile will turn into 2 into 10 and finally into 13.1 miles. I just have to remember that it takes all those little steps to get there. Even if some of those steps have you hunched over like Igor running from light pole to light pole. : )

Peace, love, and small victories!

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