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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Think My Mojo Melted

After a multitude of 100+ degree days, it is finally starting to cool down. I never thought I'd be excited to see a 3-digit temperature with two zeros. One problem with the cooler weather is that I no longer have a built in excuse to not run if I don't want to. So I'm back to trying to run everyday and I've discovered yet another problem. It seems that my mojo is missing. I have searched high and.... over there somewhere. It could be under that pile of newspaper, but probably not. Regardless of where it is, I'm pretty sure it is a big ol' melted, unmotivated mess. This has happened before. My mojo has been known to take an unscheduled hiatus. It has even spent some time in Australia without me. Lack of motivation is nothing new when my mojo is missing. However, tonight I did something that I don't normally do. I did my run anyway.

It wasn't a long run and it was ugly (as are most of my runs). I didn't really want to do it. So I basically sprinted the first mile or so, just to get it over with. Then I had to walk-drag-crawl myself back to the house. It took a lot to even put on my running shoes tonight, but I'm glad that I did. I think that I forget sometimes just how hard I CAN push myself. I try so hard to know my limitations, especially in regard to my medical condition. Too many bad "next day"s that leave me in pain, unable to go about my business normally. But perhaps, sometimes I limit myself more than my condition does. Nights like tonight are a good reminder that while it's good to know those limits, it's also okay to break past them.  Maybe I'm tougher than even I know. If I can ever learn that permanently, the world better watch out. : )

So if you find my mojo, could you stick it in the fridge for a few and then pass it back. I'll be busy running. Thanks!

Peace, Love, & Beastie Boys!

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