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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I have had a pretty intense 5 months, but I still don't know where all the time went since my last posts. So much has happened that I don't even know where to begin. The beginning it is.....
the holidays and winter weather also put a crimp in my running style. Normally I can power through, but this year time just got away from me. Between my son's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my sister's birthday, my husband's birthday, my daughter's, Christmas, New Year's, final steps in the adoption, and my birthday. Time seemed like it has moved in warp speed. I am pretty sure that I even had a few races in there somewhere, but I can't remember what they are. : ) OOOHH... I remember!

I did the Hot Mamma's Race with some of my great friends. Three of us dressed up as super heroes. My hubs, who hardly ever gets to come to races, brought the kids out to watch.
Then I did the Run or Dye with my great friend, L, who just moved back after being away for a long time. It was nice to spend time with her, even if the weather was awful.

That's where it all just sort of blurs together. I broke my foot and the holidays swarmed me and the next thing I remember, it's January.
So here almost a month into the new year, I am already behind schedule. But I am taking better care of myself this time around. I have been to the doctor more times in the past 6 months than I think I have ever been. And for me that's saying a lot! But I'm trying to be proactive with my health instead of reactive. So far I'm about 50/50. I have been very faithful to yoga during this winter and hope to continue that while adding running and weights back into my routine. I want to be ready to run the OK Memorial half marathon this year. This year contains a new PR. I can feel it.
I have a great support system that has expanded this year with some great new friends with #run3rd.

My family is always my loudest cheerleaders. My kids hold me accountable (even though they are too young to realize that is what they are doing). My hubs is the all-time greatest.So I feel like this year is the year for great things.
Peace, Love, and a New Year!