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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Operation Titty Holepunch

   The following information may be TMI for some but I feel like I need to share! (Don't worry. It's not about poop.) Enjoy! 
  I am young. I won't say how young, because a lady never tells her age and I pretend to be a lady. But I'm young enough that I had not thought about something happening to me. Suddenly I had some issues pop up in the breasticles area. I didn't want to play around with that given my extensive family history of the big C, including breast cancer. So I made an appointment with my doc who referred me for my very first mammogram. That was a lot of fun. My breasts squished between two giant plates one at a time. Though I will admit that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I had feared and they let me wear a cape. (Ok, so it was more of a caplet, but when I walked it flared out behind my like a superhero cape. So I'm going with cape.) Three mammograms later they found something that they deemed disturbing, which disturbed me. Thus began Operation Titty Hole-punch (a name that my mom rolled her eyes at and my doc didn't even crack a smile at). Had I had the time I would have made T-shirts, but I was scheduled for a biopsy that following week. I am happy to report that I have the results and it was benign. 

My doc says that with my family history I should have started mammograms a couple of years ago. However, insurance probably wouldn't have paid for it unless I had the issues that I just had. And thank goodness for self exams. So ladies, please be vigilant, be aware, and don't be afraid to get tested or ask questions. 
Hopefully, we won't have to re-up Operation THP anytime soon. And I'm ecstatic that I have been released to exercise. Yay! Maybe I can shake some cobwebs off and get back on track. 

Until then... Peace, love, and self-breast exams.