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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday MIA

I have been missing in action, I know. But you know that the holidays are never my best time for blogging. I'm always a little busy, visiting family, baking, wrapping presents, etc., etc. I did do a few things differently this year.

Usually once the weather turns chilly, I hang up my running shoes for the season. This year I bought some cold weather gear and I have done a few cold, winter runs. They are still not my favorite thing, but I will admit that they aren't AS horrible as I always thought. With my lupus the cold weather is not my friend and often times causes me to have some really bad, painful days filled with swelling and stiffness. I had a few of those but they seemed to be more easily managed. Oh, and a few 70 degree days in December didn't hurt. Gotta love that Oklahoma weather. I had every intention of getting a few more winter runs in while Christmas vacation, but two things happened that wrecked that plan. The first is the amazing present that I received on the day after Christmas. My favorite Aussie arrived. I just wanted to spend as many minutes with her as I could. After spending over a day traveling to get here, she was completely exhausted and we still stayed up late talking until we almost fell asleep in the floor.
We did some shopping, some more shopping, lots of talking, and a little bit of eating Mexican food. We had even intended to do a little running. However, the second thing disrupted all the plans that I had. I got the flu. : ( And it sucked!  We had a whole weekend of shopping and talking and running and shopping all planned out. Instead I spend it and most the next week lying on the couch in a cough syrup coma. I even had to spend New Year's Eve all by myself. The hubs and kids were sent away si that they wouldn't get it.Two of the three ended up getting it anyway. We are all starting to get better, thank goodness. It's gonna take more than a few days to get my house back in order, take down the Christmas stuff, and kick this nasty cough that the flu left me as a parting gift. I also have to try to spend as much time with Aussie as possible before she leaves again. I am just adding it all to the long list of things that I have planned for 2013. And I do mean, LONG list. 2013 should be a spectacular year and I can't wait to share it with you all.
Peace, Love, and Winter Runs (post-flu)!