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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holy Ragweed, Batman!

Tonight sucked! Yeah, I said it. And it did. My partner in crime, A, and I are going to be testing out new routes for our running group and tonight's route sucked. Okay, in all fairness I'm sure it's normally a very lovely route and didn't really mean to come across so rude and hateful, bless it's little heart. But tonight it was a big ol' B. It started out okay, but then BAM! there was a giant hill. Oh, you soooo suck. We kept going, going, POW! there's another hill. My ankle was getting really tight, so I stopped and stretched it out, shook it around, and kept on going. By the time that I am halfway through the run, my butt cheek and my thighs are pissed as hell at me and are letting me know it. But I was still trucking along. We were in the last quarter stretched and I'm pretty two separate events occurred simultaneously: 1) I ran past a yard of freshly cut grass and 2) My fairly expensive, freakishly strong allergy medicine gave out. KAPOW! ZAM! Within a matter of a few minutes, my right eye had swelled, my nostrils closed off, and I had a sneezing fit that could rival the Sneezing epidemic of 1802. Have you ever tried to run with your nostrils closed off?! I wouldn't recommend it. I sounded like Vader pounding down the pavement. Every cloud has a silver lining, though. This particular route requires us to go past a beautiful firestation, not once, but twice. A assured me that should I collapse that she would sprint to the firestation and have one of our lovely fireman come out and resuscitate me. WAZAM!  Well, fortunately (or unfortunately) I did not collapse and a shower, an antihistamine, and a nettipot later, I can now breathe out of one nostril. So I'm going to slather on some vicks, lick my wounds (not the vicks covered one), and go to bed.

Peace, love, and nerds!

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