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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Don't blink or you'll miss me!

So... Not really. Unless you blink really, really, REALLY slowly.  However, I am steadily shaving time off my miles. Last night, I ran two sub 16 miles. This week I have consistently running sub 16. I have even run a sub 15. I know that isn't Flash fast, but it shows steady improvement. I began my training running 17:00+\mile. At this rate, it is quite possible to reach my goal of 11:00/mile. I know it seems ambitious since I'm still in my lower miles, but those tend to be my hardest miles. I am having a little trouble regulating my breathing, but I am working on it. I am in a fair amount of pain lately for different reasons. But despite all these little things, I have a feeling that everything will start to click very soon. I just have to keep plugging along until it does. It actually felt good to hit two miles tonight. I had some kick ass power songs to push me through. It was all about the ladies last night.  Brandi Carlile,Joan Jett, Florence + the Machine, and P!nk brought me home. Carly Simon and Carole King helped me cool down during my post-run yoga. Well, until my dog, Omar, decided to jump on my stomach and lie down while I was doing a bend. 
There are worse ways to end a night then puppy snuggles. 

Peace, Love, and snuggle buddies! 

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