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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A sixer in the bag

Today was a brutal, slow six miler. I have had a crazy week and didn't get all my weekday miles in. But I really wanted to hit my 6 miles this morning. We had a late softball game last night, and I knew it was going to be rough getting up his morning. It was. (But I got a new shirt last night.)
Then I stepped outside and it was sooooo humid that everything   immediately felt damp. It's one of those days where you have to chew your air before you breathe in.  I hate that feeling! I started and it was rough. Brutal. Sometimes excruciating! But sometimes the universe sends you exactly what you need when you need it. This morning was a very social run. I was inundated with greetings of puppy kisses. I met 3 very enthusiastic new friends who gave me sloppy dog kisses. All very sweet. Then at the 3 mile mark, my right feet started falling asleep. I'd stop adjust my shoe, shake it out a little, stretch nothing helped. I powered to mile 4 and was giving up and going home when I ran into one of my favorite people, B. She told me that she didn't want to be out there either , but she had just finished her 6. She's really an amazing person, you guys!  (And not just because she ran 6 miles.)She encouraged me to keep going. So I did. I found my stride about mile 5.5 and was headed back home and the wind changed direction, and the temp dropped about 3 degrees. I was looking around for Mary Poppins to appear, it was so wild out there.
I hit my 6 on my way home. It felt great. It was slow and awful, but it's done. That's always a great feeling. Thanks B for telling me to stick it out. You're an inspiration! Now I'm going to stretch out and drink my smoothie. So until next time... 
Peace, love, and sixers! 

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