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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Slow and steady....

Won't really win the race, but it'll get me across the finish line in one piece. That's the plan anyway. This week has been a little rough. I was taken off the new medication because it was causing some really adverse effects. So I'm back to just ibuprofen. I'm ok with that, but it's going to take a minute to get me back to where I was. Despite that, I had a steady run on Monday. Tuesday's run was a disaster from the beginning. It was short a few miles because I step off the treadmill to go to the bathroom and tweaked my ankle.
So I took a few days off and came back today with a 5 mile run. It started off pretty enough. It was really nice to be outside.
It quickly turned into a nasty, brutal run. I was a little overly ambitious and chose a hilly route. It slowed me down significantly. I knew going into the run that I just didn't have any oomph today, but I needed to get a longer run in that did not involve the treadmill. So I did it. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to feel that tomorrow. Hell, I'm feeling it right now. Afterwards, I did a little post-run yoga. The kids wanted to participate, so we broke out the extra yoga mats. 

I love these two! Overall, it's not been a great week, but it's not been a horrible week either. It's just another building block to a really great run in the future...I hope. 

Peace, Love, and Future Runs! 

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