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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rocky Start

It's just the beginning of training season for me.  The plan is to run the Route 66 half marathon in November, but if all goes well, I might get the itch to run a big race before then. My goal for the next race is a sub 2:00:00. My personal best was a 3:11:17 at Route 66 in 2013, so even if I just break that I'll be happy. I've been training for a couple of weeks now. My miles are still low, which sucks because the first 2 miles are always the hardest for me. It takes that long for my body to adjust to what I'm doing to it. I loathe the first 2 miles! I am looking forward to my first 5 mile. 5 is my happy number. Lately, I have been working through some pain issues. I'm in pain every day. Most days, it is manageable, but this past week has been a rough one. It is weeks like this that reminds me why running is so important to me. Running can give me pain, but it also gives me a sense of accomplishment. A reason to have pain, instead of just having pain.  It's like my therapy. There are runs when I cry during or after my run. This week I've had a couple of those. Tonight's run was one of those. I cried the minute that I stepped off the treadmill and continued through my cool down and post run yoga. I don't mind a good cry after a good run. I felt clean afterwards. Well, not clean like I didn't need to take a shower clean.  Just clean. So this is my rough week, my jumping off point. My buckle up and hold in week. Yet I'm still here and I'm still going. That's all I can really do for now. 

Peace, love, and better days! 

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