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Monday, July 27, 2015

Slippery When Wet

I had a slow miles week.  And I didn't get my long miles in, but.... I did get a day date with my hubby! With his traveling, we very seldom get to spend time together, just us. So we jumped at the chance to take the kids to my sister's and going slip slidin' together. 
We arrived early and got a good spot in line. The line was slow the first couple of turns. Once the crowd thinned out, we started doing a slide every 5 minutes, even with the trekking required to get back to the top.  I didn't get my miles, but I got plenty of steps. We managed to slide 7 times before our time was up. It was worth it to spend time with him. 
After all the fun in the sun, we got a celebratory snow cone on our way out. 
This week it is back to crazy miles and cross training.  So here we go... 

Peace, love, and slip'n slides! 

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