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Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's Do The Timewarp

I can't need believe that it's been a month since I last blogged. I will have to get better at that. The days and nights have all been blurring together and whizzing by. So here's what you missed: I jacked up my ankle at the St. Paddy's Day race. I was just getting it back on track when I stepped down off a chair and sprained it pretty badly. So I had to take a week off and have been cautiously rehabbing it in time for the Memorial Marathon. I missed the Redbud which totally bummed me out, but Dr.'s orders. : ( I have increased my runs by  a mile every other day and did some solid miles yesterday and felt great. Ankle is strong and better than ever. I think my daily workouts and yoga has been what brought me back from the edge. I will probably end up walking more than planned in the Memorial but as long as I finish, who cares!!!! So I just trucking on and getting more and more nervous. We have about 9 days until the race. My first half marathon. I am so blessed to have some really amazing friends and family that are planning on coming down and supporting me. I am a lucky girl. But I have a feeling that I will make up for lost blogs and will start manically blogging as the excitement and anxiety set in. So countdown in 9.....

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