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Sunday, June 20, 2010

OMG Running gives you the runs!!!!

Warning: This blog entry may too too much information for some people to handle, but when I started this I promised that I would chronicle my journey honestly, embarassing moments and all. So only the brave of heart need to proceed. (S, do not read any further. I say that word poop.)

So I have been running for 6 weeks now. My miles have slowly increased and I've had my share of ups and downs, progresses and setbacks. But nothing, I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for the horrible, terrible, world-shattering thing that I learned this weekend. Running gives you the runs!!!!!! Not only is that incredibly embarassing, but it is very painful. I was ready for shin-splints, muscle cramps, and vomit, but poo.... well, poo was just completely unexpected. I was short my miles this week by 1 1/2 miles because every time I would go for a run, my stomach would start rumbling, then cramping, and then before you know it I would end up running... towards a bathroom. I'm still not sure if it is the up and down motion of running, or if I was eating something that didn't agree with me, or if I am just one of the lucky souls that gets the poos when they run. So I did a little research and was introduced to the ugly monster known as "runner's trots". Classy, huh?! But it's a real, honest-to-goodness thing, and I'm not the only one that gets it.

So I decided to take an Imodium before my run this past Saturday. I was confident that nothing would happen. Boy, was I wrong. Let me just say that I used to think that Port-a-potties were disgusting, horrible things and I would never, ever use one. Well, after Saturday I am thinking about building a shrine to the God-send known as the Port-o-John. HOWEVER, I want to say that about half way through my 6-mile run, my Imodium finally kicked in and I was able to complete my run AND do 30 minutes yoga afterwards. AWESOME!!!! So I will from now on, get up two hours earlier and take my Imodium, so that I can admire the P.O.J., but NEVER have to use one again. And from what I hear, I pray that I NEVER have to use one on race day. Oh, and S, if you reading this.... POOP! : )

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  1. I wanted to let you know how VERY proud I am of you, Sis. I am so glad to have you going on this journey with me and having your support. We'll get through it together. Runs and all! =) I love you.