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Monday, July 2, 2012

When the safest thing you do is run....

When the safest thing that you do is run... you got a pretty adventurous life. My job is pretty adventurous, raising two young kids is VERY adventurous, and lately my weekends have been adventurous. The hubby and I took the weekend and spendt some long overdue time alone with some of our grown-up friends.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to work in a good run while we were gone. Little did I know that nature had other plans. We went to float "The River" with friends. Sometimes the river is up and it's all smooth floating. Sometimes the river is down and you get an insane workout like I did. There were patches where the water was high enough that you just floated along, a paddle here and a little paddle there, but mostly, over the last 3 miles or so the water was so low that we had to drag a raft filled with coolers along the riverbed. I would dig in to drag the raft and the rocks would give way. It's was like running on really hard, lumpy sand. I worked so hard that my toes hurt. My individual toes hurt. Thanks goodness for friends, who turned such a hard workout into fun times. Love you guys, but next time, we are just going to run a race and call it good.

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