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Monday, June 11, 2012

You Always Pay the Piper

Fun on Saturday + Fun on Sunday = Mother )(&$)@(#&*)*R$() Monday. Saturday was a lot of fun and active. We went with some friends for a 5 mile kayak and then did a little paddle boarding. My shoulders have been paying for the kayaking fun since late Sunday evening. But I think that the paddle boarding may have done a doozy on me too and I didn't know. You use a lot of muscle that you don't normally use.... let me rephrase. You have to use a lot of muscles that I don't normally use to stay on that board.  A lot of ankle muscles and butt muscles. I was  a little stiff on Sunday, but nothing major. My shoulders were the squeaky wheel that day. I didn't work out on Sunday at all. I spent the day with familia that is in from out of town. This morning with my left shoulder still hurting, I didn't notice my legs being stiff or sore at all. I really needed a run today, so I came straight home, threw on my running clothes, and took off for a run. I recyled an old playlist that was hardcore, upbeat from the word go. I was a little stiff in the shoulders and ankles, but otherwise I was going good. Then about a half a mile in when my ankles locked up and I fell down like I was in a romantic comedy. Comically exaggerated but not nearly as cute falling and getting back up. I look more like drunk after a 10 day bender. I tried to shake it out, stretch it out, and walk it out. But they would not loosen up. I needed to get some miles in this week. So I went ahead and ran 2 horrible, hard-earned miles. My first 2 miles are always like a slow, painful death and then my remaining miles tend to get better. So I can"t wait to get my miles back up, so I can at least end on a good note. Better luck tomorrow!


  1. Geez, Cyndi, I didn't know you were a sadist.

  2. Yes you did, Christine. : )