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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I have been a little off track lately. Can you blame me? What with children's surgery? And other life issues flying at me left and right?!! But I am taking measures to get myself back on track and beyond. I am going to the inaugural meeting of the RunHers Moore/Norman running club tonight. WooHoo!!! I have wanted to join the club for a long time, but all their stuff in always on northside and I don't always have the time to travel to northside OKC. Convience, people! Now we are starting one down south. I am sooooo excited. And I have apparently unleashed the beast that is my neighborhood/my friend/ and now drill sargeant, A. She is going to whip my into shape whether I want it or not. : ) So this things, plus the impending dread of upcoming races that may kill me, should be just what the doctor ordered to get me where I need to be. : ) I may have to celebrate with some cheesecake. What?! No Cheesecake?! Well, *(^^$&(*)(#_)#%%&)#!!! FINE, no cheesecake. : ( Just peace and love.

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