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Saturday, July 30, 2011

OK, so I fell off the damn wall!!!

The Dirty Crew
K & Me
Today was the dirty30 in Mulhall, OK. I bunch of people I know went up there to conquer this mud/obstacle race, myself included. We had a blast. Even though it was like running on the surface of the sun. We had to run (obviously), run through tires, on the ground and hanging up, we had to jump over a log, climb throught ravines, climb a cargo net, climb and jump off a rolled hay bale, do a set of over/unders, climb three mud hills, run through three mud pits, do a muddy army crawl, swim/walk across a pond, and climb the wall. I did it all...except...I fell off of the wall.  I was one step from the top when I came a-tumblin' down. I hit pretty hard, but felt okay. Though I almost gave my sister a heart attack and tweeked my knee. Now my knee is killing me. Everyone in our group did an amazing job. A's new nicknames is Spidermonkey because she showed that wall who's boss and of course, the Aussies put us all to shame. It wasn't pretty, but it was so much fun. I can't wait for next year!
Me & My Sis

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