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Saturday, September 8, 2012

And the winner is.....

The first week of this new A & C's Big Ass Challenge came to a close today. We've tallied the miles and this week's winner is....me. However, it was by the skin of my teeth. 0.02 miles to be exact. A did a fantastic job this last week. She now admits that she forgot that I was in training when she issued the challenge, but I don't think that is going to slow her down any. So I'm still bringing my A game this next week.

My victory for bragging rights for this week is well.... awesome. : ) But the real victory this week is how my body is adjusting and starting to remember how to get through those longer miles. My first 2-3 miles are like a slow death, but it's always between miles 4 and 5 that my body quits fighting me and just goes with it. It's still not easy, but at least it's beginning to feel normal again. I feel healthy, I feel good, and I'm hoping to stay that way.

Now this morning's run was good. The weather was a nice change from the sauna-like conditions, but it was almost chilly. Cooler weather is coming and that usually means a harder time for me, healthwise. The cold makes my Lupus flare ups more frequent and worse. Lots of redness, lots of soreness, lots of swelling. I am hoping that since I'm ahead of the game this time going into training that I'm going to stay healthy. Knock on wood. So this next week is a busy one with a few social events with the running group and a extra large group run next Saturday. Can't wait!

Peace, Love, and running.

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