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Monday, August 30, 2010

My first race is in the BAG!

Before the race - Not quite awake yet!
On Saturday, the 28th, I ran and finished my very first 5K race. I ran the Moore War 5K to raise money for scholarships. It went pretty well. My time wasn't great but better than I expected.  I finished in 45:02. There was about 400 people there. It was my first time running in a crowd, which if you don't know, can be kinda scary. You better move your butt or you will be ran over. The course was okay. I think I met the cousin of the hills that live in norman, so that part sucked. But overall not a bad run. 15 minute miles is a long ways from the 20 minutes miles I was running when I started. Plus we had cute fireman at a couple of the water stops. : ) I felt like a real runner with my gear on, my IPod cranking out some wicked tunes, and my bib pinned securely to my shirt. Though I did have issue with my pants. My specialty dryknit runner's britches that used to be too tight that I could barely get into them tried to make a break for it and started down toward my knees. I kept having to pull them up every few steps.  It completely threw off my stride. So definetly time for some new pants. And I will admit that I am a little ashamed that I was passed by a few people pushing strollers, but in my defense they were flying by like they had the RT's.  It was overall a good experience, and I'm glad that I got my very first race in the bag.  I'm an old pro from here on out. : )
My familia came out to cheer me on! P.S. Daddy dressed them. LOL!

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