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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sooooo Many Good Vibes

Sometimes, for very brief moments, I wonder, "Why in the world did I put myself and my story out there?" I've made my journey so public and sometimes it is embarassing to know that so many people out there hear, read, or see me struggle. I have a bad running day and everybody knows. I get cranky because of a lupus flare up and everybody knows. I have gastrointestinal issues on a run and everybody knows. While most people have been nothing but supportive, I do get the occasional parade poopoo'er. It's then that I begin to think, "Maybe I should stop being so open about my journey". But then I have days like today. Today, I have been blessed with a mulitude of encouragement and positive reenforcement. Multiple individuals have told me that my story has inspired them. I have inspired someone! Me! I had a friend tell me that I was the reason that she began running and that she continues to run. She asked me to continue to challenge/motivate her. And she LOVES this blog! ; )
I had another friend call me and leave a voice mail saying that she wanted to ask me some running questions. She has decided to start living a healthier lifestyle, wanted some advice, and she thought of me. : )
But the best was an email I received from a friend's husband. He began by saying, "I just wanted to thank you for a gift that you don't even know you gave me". Okay, you have my attention. He preceded to tell me that I have helped him fall in love with running all over again. The struggles and trials that I have documented in this blog have lead him to believe that if I can do it, he can do it. Or as he so eloquently put it: "You made me realize that with your family obligations, and most of all your lupus, you still run and love it. I thought to myself, "she has lupus; all you have is a case of fatassness. You can do it!".  I want you to realize, though, that I like that you give me too much credit. I may have inspired you, it is YOU that gets out and gets it done everyday. It's not all because of me. It's  all because of you! And I know that my wonderful friend, your wife, is super proud of you. : ) But Thank you, R! Your email made my day and reminded me of why I started putting my story out there in the first place. To encourage others to try to live healthier, happier lives. I just never really thought it would work. I honestly thought it would never make a difference. I'm glad that I was wrong. : )

Peace, Love, and New Running Buddies!

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