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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hills are Alive.... Part Deuce

Norman! I used to love Norman! It is my adopted hometown. The home of my alma mater and the greatest college football team ever. But now, I think Norman just might be the gate to hell and an evil little town and not for the same reason that my husband thinks (Silly OSU fan). It is evil because of those stupid, horrible hills!!! I was one of only two people that showed up in Norman today!!! I started off doing pretty good. I was trying to keep up with the other girl and was failing miserably, but it did increase my mile average by a minute. The first four miles went pretty smoothly. I ate some jelly beans and kept on trucking. Since there were only two of us and it is the hottest day of the year so far, we got personal service by one of our trainers. He was there with water at every mile marker! Thank you B!! Then came the last mile stretch. I rounded the corner, and what do I see?! The dreaded hill!!!! I started up it pretty gingerly and then lost any and all energy I had. I'm pretty sure I was going backwards at some point. But I somehow made it up to the top and the last half mile to the water jug! I did it! My first 8-mile run. Wahoo!!!! However, my sister did not attend this mornings run and because of that, T, we are even! ; ) Actually, you owe me a mile. : ) Love you! Anyway.... so after I finished my run I hauled butt (in my car) back to my mom's house, where we were having our fundraising garage sale! I have baked in the sun for 7 hours. Now I'm going home to take a shower and a nap, not particularly in that order. Just kidding! : ) So I want to give a special shout out to: Our trainer B for being the best waterboy ever, my friend Shelly for opening the garage and selling her butt off, my sister for sweating with me all day long (I bet that we are 6 pounds littler), and lastly for fat girl rock. The Gossip got my through the majority of my run today! Awesome!!!

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