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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Some of our bake sale goodies!

In picture: Tamara (on left) and Me (in sunglasses)at our bake sale.
In picture: Our bake sale table, Tamara, Mom (in torquise), and Frefre in red).

This past weekend, my sister and I worked on our fundraising by having a bake sale in front of the Wal-Mart in Moore, OK. It was a great success! We didn't raise a ton of money but we definetly raised more than we thought we would. We had tons of goodies. We had some great volunteers (Thanks Mom!!! Thanks FreFre!!!)And we had some great customers!!! Some of my good friends and family came out just to support me. (You are AWESOME!!!!) Most people would stop and buy one or two little things. But for every three of those, we would get someone who had been touched personally by cancer and they would give us fists full of donations. Boy, did we hear some stories that day! Some sad, some happy, some just made me even more determined to keep doing what I'm doing. It's was overall a really great experience.

It was kinda of a slow start to the morning. I think that we got out there too early, because people were kinda cranky, a little rude, or they just ignored you all together. Like if they don't make eye contact, you don't exist. But I just kept smiling and waving and eventually they started coming over. I did, however, debate going and putting on my penguin costume to get people's attention. Thank God that it did not have to resort to that. : ) Though I will admit, I kinda like wearing it. Anyway.... the only time I lost my smile was when someone would stop right in front of our table and light up a cigarette. OMG! I used to smoke... a lot! So I don't have anything against smokers in general. It's gross, it's expensive, and it can kill you. But so can sushi, and I still love sushi. But you do not, let me repeat, DO NOT stop in front of the fundraising for CANCER tent and light a cigarette! I let the first couple of people who did slide by, but one guy not only lit up, but proceeded to stand there and smoke. So I said something out loud to my sister and the guy heard me and felt bad enough that he bought $5 worth of cookies. It was win-win in my book. Then we had some great little kids. One little girl gave us all the change in her coin purse. How awesome that kids that young are learning about charity and giving. Gives me a little hope for the future.

Now that I've gotten all that ooey gooey mushy stuff out to the way, let me just say.... There is a reason that there is a website called the people of Wal-Mart, and I think that we saw some all-stars!!! And I'll just leave it at that.

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