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Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Year....New Adventures!

This winter was a rough one. The cold weather always puts a damper on my routine, but this winter I have had more injuries than I've ever had before. One right after another: foot, hip, quad, hip, back, hip, ankle, hip. See the pattern yet?! Everything I tried seemed to have no effect or make the pain worse. So I started seeing a chiropractor to see if he could fix this blasted hip.  X-rays showed that my hip was way out of place. So after many session and lots of exercises to strengthen, and yoga to well.... just keep my sanity. I am feeling super duper ultra mega better. I have also found a new favorite, acupuncture. I know it sounds awful, but I LOVE it!!! 

This season has already been a bad one for wind and allergies in Oklahoma. My answer to this problem has been acupuncture for my sinuses. We have also tried it in the hip, calf, and shoulder for various other issues. But my favorite is the back and neck.  I just lie there like a human pincushion and it's glorious.

I'm doing everything I can to feel like a normal, functioning human being without caving in and taking a bunch of expensive medications. I'm not saying everyone should do this, and I'm not knocking people who have to take the meds. (So save your hate mail!) I am just trying to hold off as long as possible. I know that one day my Lupus may get the best of me and I may have no choice but to take all the medications. Until then I will explore other avenues that work for me. Is that enough of a disclaimer?!

Besides I like trying new things: new hairstyles, new makeup, new books, new exercise classes, new adventures. This year seems to already be chalk full of new things. I am starting a couple of new adventures here very soon. I signed the paperwork the other day accepting a new job. I'm very excited/nervous about it.    Hubs is taking on a new roll at work, which completely changes our routine at home. We have decided to try to do something new as family each month, whether it's a new restaurant, new festival, new craft project, etc.   But perhaps the biggest new thing that I'm going to try is the Idle Ironman this month. My crazy friend, Jess, has talked me into signing up for this thing, where you complete the distances required in an Ironman, but you have 28 days to do it. I'm good with the running and the swimming (even if I have to put on a bathing suit, EEK!), but the cycling... ugh the cycling! I've never been much of a bike person. It hurts my bum and sometimes my hoohoo and I just don't enjoy it. But I'm gonna give it the ol' college try!

Just felt like putting up a pic where I don't look like Pinhead. : ) 

I gotta run for now because...well I gotta go run! : ) Slow and steady may not win the race, but it keeps me sane. Until next time....

Peace, Love, and new adventures.

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